Studio Calendar

Fall Semester


Dec 1 4:30/5:15-6:30 Performance Class @ Pilgrim Church

Dec 8 4:00-5:00/5:30-6:30 Fall Recitals @ Pilgrim Church, end of fall session

Dec 12-14 Make-up Week

Spring Semester


Jan 15 Semester begins. Lessons prior to the 15th with Pico by request

Jan 16-22 - Lessons with Pico, Carrie out of town


Feb 2 4:15/5:00-7:00 Performance Class @ Pilgrim Church


March 2 4:15/5:00-7:00 Performance Class @ Pilgrim Church

March 5-9 Lessons with Pico, Carrie out of town

March 12-18 Spring Break, no lessons

March 19-26 Lessons with Pico, Carrie out of town


April 6 4:15/5:00-6:30 Performance Class @ Pilgrim Church


May 4 4:15/5:00-6:30 Performance Class @ Pilgrim Church

May 12 3:00-4:00/4:30-5:30 Spring Recitals @ Pilgrim Church

May 14-18 Lessons with Pico, Carrie out of town

May 18 End of spring session, lessons with Pico by request

June 1 Make-up Day


June 11Summer session begins

Local Instrument Repair

Lisa Barrett, Livingston 406-223-9425
Mark Hollinger, Missoula  406-542-2012

Instrument Supply

Shar Music
Robertson and Sons
Claire Givens
Ruening and Son

Second String Orchestra

The Second String Orchestra is a community orchestra based in Bozeman, Montana, consisting of non-professional string players who enjoy getting together to play and perform classical and other diverse types of musical repertoire.  


Rehearsals Sundays 5:00-7:15 -  Feb 4/11/25, March 4/11, April 8/15, April 29 & May 6 @ 4:00-6:15

Dress Rehearsal Thursday May 10 7:30-9:30

Outreach Tour Friday May 11 4:30 TBD 

Concert Saturday May 12 7:30, 6:30-7:10 touch-up

*All events at Pilgrim Church 


Rehearsals Strings only: Sunday Dec 10 5:00-7:15 and Thursday Dec 14 7:30-9:30 at Pilgrim

Tutti: Saturday Dec 16 1:00-4:00 at First Presbyterian

Concert Sunday Dec 17 4:00 at First Presbyterian

Chamber Music Program

A chamber music and home-school orchestra program for Youth. Please contact Carrie for more details.


Registration Due January 6th

Coachings and Rehearsals Wednesdays at Pilgrim Church beginning Feb 7

Carrie’s coachings: Feb 7/14/21/28, March 28, April 4/18/25

Pico’s coachings: Feb 7/14/28, March 7/28, April 4/18/25

No rehearsals: March 14 – Spring Break

Outreach Tour: April 11 4:00-5;00 at Hillcrest/Aspen Point

Dress Rehearsal: May 2 at regular coaching time

Concert in Pilgrim Sanctuary: May 9 at 4:30

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